Legendary Science

EMK continues to innovate, with the promise of bringing you the highest quality and advanced ingredients in skincare science.

Our Story

EMK Skincare started with scientist and natural beauty pioneer, Dr. Emilia Karsh. On a mission to heal and restore a friend’s skin after suffering severe facial burns, her research led her to the discovery of a powerful, regenerative treatment.  

EMK Skincare's legendary, natural skin savior, AgaveFlora-V (formerly known as BioPlacenta) was born. A powerhouse of skin-rejuvenating botanicals, this proprietary technology is based on the research of the agave plant cell and its bioidentical properties to human placental protein. Undeniable results let to the genesis of EMK Skincare, quickly rising in popularity amongst celebrities and plastic surgeons as their "best kept secret.”  

Our brand expanded from Beverly Hills into luxury markets in London, Hong Kong, Australia, and Dubai.  

Along with AgaveFlora-V®, each formulation is packed with a blend of nutrient-dense botanical actives, free-radical-fighting antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Among the 150 plant extracts carefully sourced from all over the world, hero ingredients include sea buckthorn, rosehip, chamomile, ginseng, hawthorn, sage, reishi mushroom, mango, cucumber, and rosemary.

Our Promise

We use high concentrations of plant extracts, many certified organic, with advanced peptide and epigenetic technology. Our minimally processed formulations allow each plant’s natural healing properties to remain active.  They work in synergy to rebalance and perfect your complexion and are safe and efficacious for all ages, ethnicities and skin-types.  

This ingenious complex hydrates, soothes and softens. Nourishing while carrying skin-revitalizing actives into the deepest layer of the dermis with its Synercell delivery system.   

In 2021, EMR Equity Inc., a woman-owned development group led by CEO Rani Alfers, acquired EMK Skincare. Our mission is to introduce the heritage of our potent, science backed formulas while continuing to innovate beyond skincare norms. Our promise is to bring you the highest quality and advanced ingredients in skincare science. 

EMK continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in healthy, natural skincare, far ahead of its time, consistently pursuing the development of anti-aging science. 

EMK has always pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in healthy, natural skincare.